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Day in the Life | 23

This one had to be black and white because she was so blue! Even though the pool is indoor it is FA-REEZ-ING! By the endView full post »

Day in the Life | 349

Just a few days before I went into the ER for what I thought was a stomach bug and came out with a husband back fromView full post »

Day in the Life | 339

I just adore believe. Was, guests. ALFRED on this photo.View full post »

Day in the Life | 338

Whoa. So behind on editing my own family photos. I’m taking them….at a wee slower pace than usual but theView full post »

Advice for Moms | Family Photo Shoot

This is a funny post. A reminder to moms during your family photo shoots. Be aware of your “mommy face.” I&#View full post »

Day in the Life | 297

Selfies. It seems so easy. Set up tripod. Put camera on tripod. Set up camera settings. Set focus. Set self timer driveView full post »

Day in the Life | 282

Reading a Dave Ramsey Book with other greats close-by…The Pillars of the Earth, the Precious Present & CuriousView full post »

Day in the Life | 281

I love sessions. I love fall. I love Halloween. I love Thanksgiving. But oh boy…this is the busy season! So I haveView full post »

Couple Engagement Photography | Overland Park KS

Couples are my favorite to photograph after senior high school girls! I love capturing love outside of the wedding day.View full post »

Day in the Life | 238

i was peaking around the Have about corner of the couch…..View full post »

Day in the Life | 235

A little bit of fun lens distortion to encourage a fun weekend! 🙂View full post »

Day in the Life | 226

stopped for some fun photos on the way to a fun breakfast with my girl this week. remembering to slow down. check outView full post »

Download All | Zenfolio

This post is for clients and also for other photogs who use Zenfolio for their portfolio and photo sharing! So far IView full post »

Day in the Life | 208

In the spirit of Saturday fun. And truly…waking up is hard to do! If you’re looking for an amazing childrenView full post »

Day in the Life | 198

our weekly breakfast date. i love this age. i love this time with her.View full post »

Day in the Life | 197

these were the last 2 pics of just a quick shoot at the park. another reason I LOVE THE SHOOT & TOTE BAG. i wasView full post »

Day in the Life | 191

I caught these sweet moments while we were visiting our God-family. It was so precious. I love how special this is.View full post »

Day in the Life | 189

Back from vacation. Phew. I need a vacation. Haha. I’m exhausted…and sick…and catching up onView full post »

Day in the Life | 171

I can’t wait to share some photos of ME with my girl! I bought a remote for my camera [finally…whatView full post »

Shootsac Tote & Shoot Review

I can finally carry my fancy camera!!!! Meet the Shootsac Tote & Shoot! I have carried a Kelly Moore bag for aView full post »

Day in the Life | 154

We have been spending a lot of family time together the last week and more this week so I’ve been a bit MIA. It&#View full post »

Day in the Life | 142

Again in my quest to capture the true moments I have been trying to capture this TRUE, GENUINE smile for months!View full post »

Day in the Life | 141

I am trying to capture moments. Moments that happen every day at this stage of “almost two.” MomentsView full post »

Day in the Life | 137

It is rare that I see my daughter actually sleeping….unless it’s pitch black and the middle of theView full post »

Day in the Life | 135

It’s so nice to finally be in front of the camera. I love having images of me with my kiddo, regardless ofView full post »

Day in the Life | 134

This is kind of an accidental image. I have a habit of first getting the shot….then, taking my time to getView full post »

Fun Headshots | Photographer Perks

One of the perks of being a photographer is networking with other awesome photographers! I am so blessed to know someView full post »

Day in the Life | 128

The bottom photo is better compositionally but I like the top photo better, probably simply because I’m looking atView full post »