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it’s a journey for many women to gain a positive self [or body] image.
i want us to share in building each other up rather than tearing each other down and judging.

my wish for you.
i want all women to feel the freedom of not obsessing over how they look. [and men too]
i want all women to feel GREAT…fueled by eating well, loving their bodies, living their lives rather than worrying about how they look!
i want to show YOU your beauty through my lens. i want to show you how you look to ME.
you are beautiful and unique.

my journey.
i struggled, like many young girls, with body image growing up and into college.
i wanted to be “skinny” like models & actresses. i wanted to fit in with the girls in los angeles [where i lived for a time.]
i wanted to be skinny at all costs. i did unhealthy things to my body in order to look skinny. things girls do every day.
i didn’t respect my body as the vehicle that will carry me through living my awesome life and having children!
abusing my body didn’t work. i never looked like i wanted to look when i was abusing my body with dieting and tons of cardio. it doesn’t work.
later i learned how to lose fat, gain muscle and have “some” control over my body.
problem was…i was still working out and eating for looks not for health.
what changed?
i trained to compete in a figure competition. through that process i learned that looking good does not feel as good as healthy feels.
i was lean. i looked amazing. i had muscles. i had abs. and i felt awful! aw.ful. it was not worth it.
i learned that i would rather feel great. live my life. enjoy my life. and take care of my body than look like the magazines tell me i should look.
the truth is…for some…it takes a LOT to look as good as some of those women in fitness magazines. and it wasn’t worth it. my relationships, friendships, work and self suffered.
there’s no better way to learn that looking great isn’t worth it than to finally achieve your ideal body and feel AWFUL. it wasn’t worth it.
i shifted my focus from LOOKING good to FEELING good and eating & exercising for health, wellness & functional fitness/lifestyle. I’ve never felt so free & confident!


lessons learned….
there are more important things in life than how i look.
there are more important people in my life than those who care how i look or if i get on stage again.
fueling my body to live my life is important in order to enjoy my life and live a long time to keep enjoying it.
my daughter does not care if i have 12% body fat or 20% body fat as long as i am healthy and can enjoy her life with her.
my body feels better and responds better when i’m not starving it all the time. turns out a healthy weight wasn’t as hard to maintain as i thought!

motherhood taught me a LOT of other great lessons about myself.
i read this somewhere and i hit home….the best parenting advice is to model the behavior you want from your children. WOW. read that again.
the best parenting advice is to model the behavior you want from your children.
so….i need to become a better person. ouch. in order to model a positive body image for her….
i have to not look in the mirror and judge the way i look. ever. ever. ever.

to my senior high school girls.
the friends & relationships who matter are those who want….
to be your friend no matter how you look.
you to be healthy so they can go to college with you and keep in touch later in life.
you to be the best you that you can be.

find out more.
i use my health/fitness/wellness blog to share tips on a healthy lifestyle and healthy body image.
you will see more info on my blog here at Tori Goetz Photography about self/body image as well.

what I believe in.
i believe in functional fitness, healthy eating to fuel the life you love & wellness in all aspects of what makes you healthy & happy.
a healthy life includes a healthy outlook on life and peace with yourself.  mental health is important too!
notice i am not only talking about being confident with your body but i am also talking about living a healthy life.
do the best you can every day to make the best choices, but do better tomorrow. we are human. we are not perfect. and tomorrow we will try to do better!
read my fitness/nutrition/wellness blog if you want more info on what i’ve learned about health, nutrition & fitness.

this is my favorite video about self image. LOVE YOUR TREE.