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Why aren’t you booking sessions?
I love photography. My passion in photography is photographing senior high school students and making them feel beautiful, fabulous, special, JUST the way God made them! BUT at this juncture in my life, I can’t be gone that much. To do my senior sessions the RIGHT way, I end up being gone too much with sweet little babies at home 🙁



Who is FITori?
I know this is confusing. I didn’t think this through very well before I started my business. Here’s the quick version. Two good friends asked me to take their photos. I said “No, I’m not a photographer. I like taking pictures of my kid.” They persisted. They insisted. I agreed. I used my FIToriBLOG logo. I took off BLOG and slapped on PHOTO. I made a couple contracts. I took their photos. I loved it. I decided I’d try the whole photography thing. I quit my job a few months later to do this full time because my business took off and I had more work than I could handle! I hated the name FITori PHOTO!! Made no sense. I had to change it. I still have my FITori BLOG that I started more than 5 years ago to document my journey onto the fitness stage. It has turned into a blog to document my journey toward good health & wellness and positive self/body image and happiness. Feel free to stop on over. I’m FITori. But I’m Tori to you, to my clients. I’m Tori Goetz of Tori Goetz Photography! 🙂 I also still have this old FITori PHOTO site up until the transition is complete!