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i love being a mom.
i cried when i left my puppy to go back to work and i knew then i’d need to plan to be home with our children.
i love this life. i have worked hard for this life.
i love watching our daughter grow up.  i just like her. i enjoy spending our days together.
there are times each day that i realize how hard it is to be the mother of a small child.
i cannot do what i want each day. i make the choice to be with her.
i realize every. single. day. how much i will miss her when she is gone.
i look at her every single day and i realize that these times with her wanting to be with me are fewer than the times that she will have her own life and be busy without me.
i am grateful for every. single. day i have with her.
i research and try to do the best i can as a mom. baby led weaning. cloth diapers & cloth wipes. juicing [coming soon to FITori BLOG]. positive discipline.
as a mom i seek fulfillment elsewhere also. motherhood isn’t all i need.
i need breaks. i have passions. i need relationships. i need to recharge.
i need to do other things in order to come back and be the best mom i can be for her when i am there.
the rest of my balanced life allows me to be present with her and enjoy her. but i am not perfect. i have bad days.
i am grateful. i have worked hard for this life. i am thankful. i am blessed.