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i love being a wife.
i am married to my best friend.
i am married to my high school sweetheart.
i am married to the air force. my husband is a pilot.
marriage is not easy. marriage takes work.
anything in life worth doing is not easy.

our story:
we met in high school.
we moved apart. we stayed in touch. we stayed friends. we became better friends. we met again. we fell in love.
we had a long distance love for years in college. we traveled back and forth and back and forth to visit.
he proposed. i moved to be near him (1 hour away vs 8 hours away). we graduated college. we got married. we moved into our first apartment.
we moved 6 mo later. we moved a year later. we moved 10 months later. we moved a LOT. 🙂 and now we’re settled….for now.
We lived happily ever after for about 7 years…
And then we got happier.

take a look at a blast from the past….starting at age 14…yikes!